Director of the NABU Artem Sytnik, the head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko exchanged in criminal cases. The Prosecutor’s office, controlled by a relative of the President, opened the case against the NAB into the alleged disclosure of data of preliminary investigation. The Bureau, in turn, launched an investigation of illicit enrichment of public Prosecutor. What’s going on – in explaining the material

WHERE TO START. High-profile conflicts NABU – GPU was a lot. Here are just a few of them:

– in may, the office Lutsenko said that caught one of his subordinates rush to bribe. The Bureau immediately corrected the Prosecutor General, noting that the suspect does not work for them since February of 2017.

– later, the Prosecutor’s office began checking the information about the alleged presence of the first Deputy head of the NABOO Guizot Plavi dual citizenship. The disturbance the actions of the GPU called a “criminal” and opened for this reason the criminal proceedings.

in September Lutsenko has accused the anti-corruption Bureau in the illegal wiretapping of more than 140 officers. NABOO called the allegation false and advised the head of the GPU “to verify the information before distributing the media.”

– in early November, the GPU, and the NAB argued because of the special confiscation and the loss of Oschadbank arrested funds of the company that is associated with the fugitive Deputy Alexander Onishchenko.

Enumeration of smaller conflicts and accusations would have taken the entire volume of the material. So, in General, never NABU and the GPU are not friends. Close.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. Someone of the journalists leaked the audio recording of conversation of Sytnyk with a closed-door meeting with journalists. In everyday life it is called ofrecords (for the record). Something incriminating Sytnik not told. But allegedly told details that he wasn’t allowed to inform the Prosecutor of SAP forbidden. And he supposedly still told. The sides in NABOO say they found out about the leak the next day: given to understand that it does. GPU decided that it was divulging state secrets (although actually talking about the possible disclosure of the investigation). And opened the case. On the record Sytnik told about the case against the former military Prosecutor of the forces of ATO Konstantin Kulik, accused of illicit enrichment.

Too long for an answer did not have to wait. Today the NEB has opened proceedings into possible illegal enrichment Lutsenko. Ordered the Bureau to this court and asked for the wanted ex-Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin. According to Lutsenko, the claims associated with the purchased of his eldest son Parking spaces that are not specified in the Declaration of the attorney General. And, according to the head of the GPU, not supposed to be there, saying, son is 28, he has his own family, does what he wants.

In this Lutsenko acknowledged that, according to mutual accusations and public Affairs, the appearance of a conflict between the GPU and NABU there. “There is a destabilization of the coordinated work of all law-enforcement structures”, – he stated, urging to end this feud.

The flames of conflict were fanned by a radical Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, who said that the GPU in the way he opened against the leadership of NABOO another production – in fact purchasing Bureau clothing the defendant in “case of the backpacks Avakov”. The office of open Sytnik against him has not commented. According to recent reports, the head of the NEB is on a business trip in Portugal.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. Although Sytnik does not yet have the status of neither a suspect nor an accused, the fact of the investigation has adopted all interested in changing the leadership of the Bureau. And these politicians and bureaucrats – weight. Even if nominated by the claim will be bubble, reputational risks for the head of the NABOO remain. The same risks incurred Lutsenko and government in General. The question is – who will ride in the chair? Sytnik and NABOO virtually no political support (except for USA and EU). For Lutsenko – all presidential team – situational – people’s front, also interested in the control of NABOO.

But the problem is not in the names. Another showdown lowers the already low level of trust of Ukrainians to the law enforcement system. And looks so that none of the authorities don’t care anymore. NABU – bone in the throat for many people entangled in criminal cases from head to toe. And NABOO is trying to do the same in response. But do things look ridiculous in both cases. Parking place of the son Lutsenko? Ofrecords Sytnyk with journalists? And what about the men, the GPU? What Nasirov, NABOO?

Reminiscent of the beginning of the presidential campaign, when the dirty one after the other trumps are on the table. But, for example, straight talk “off the record” – including with the very Lutsenko – the journalists, obviously, a lot. Such conversations are held every week in different rooms starting from the presidency. All officials conduct such meetings with journalists. One question: what kind of records and who left for tomorrow?

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