Today, December 27, hosted the largest exchange of Ukrainian hostages in the Donbass. It was announced formula 306 people in 74 Ukrainian. In the end, ia the Ukrainian territory returned 74 hostage: 16 was in captivity of militants of the terrorist organization LNR, 58 in DNI. 15 people from Ukraine have refused to return to the occupied Donbas. The last exchange took place on 17 September 2016. Was then released the volunteer Vladimir Pearls and employee of the UN mission Yuri Suprun. The exchange took place in the area temporarily occupied Horlivka not far from the KPVV Maori. The place of exchange had not been revealed to the last, they learned about it just a few hours before the operation. The details in explaining the material

WITH WHAT STARTED. November 15, when the tripartite group meeting held in Minsk, another representative of Ukraine in these negotiations Viktor Medvedchuk was found in a monastery with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the presence of Patriarch Kirill. During communication Medvedchuk appealed to Putin with a request “using the authority to show humanism” and to contribute to the exchange of prisoners.

There is speculation that just such a scenario was invented in the Kremlin. After that, Putin called his puppets in the Donbas – for the escaped leader of the terrorist organization LNR Igor Carpentry and the leader of the militants DND Alexander Zakharchenko. At the same time in the Ukrainian group of negotiators in Minsk said that the intensification of negotiations on the hostages is only the Ukrainian initiative. Were nuances. “Now it is only on those we can give them under the law. But there is another problem. ORDO confirms 88 of Ukrainians, and Medvedchuk voiced only 71 name. So, our give not all,” said 16 November, the interlocutor of the edition. The SBU also said that they welcome any initiative aimed at unblocking the process of release of hostages.

12 December, the representative of Ukraine in the tripartite contact group in Minsk, Leonid Kuchma said that the date of liberation of the Ukrainian hostages before the New Year is already determined, and this issue is dealt with personally by the President Peter Poroshenko. At the same time, Kuchma said that there are problems in the liberation of hostages. “There, the problem is one of the most, seemed simple: some people don’t want to go there, here begins, I can’t agree with the other side,” said Kuchma.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. The representative of the Humanities subgroup of the trilateral contact group in Minsk Irina Gerashchenko said that the Ombudsman Valeria Lutkovska visited the place where the representatives of the International Committee of the red cross were able to communicate with those who were transferred to the release of the hostages.

Today on the morning of 16 Ukrainians were evacuated from the temporarily occupied Luhansk and took the bus to Gorlovka. The remaining 58 hostages paddy wagon, accompanied by ambulances and the armed so-called Kgbshnik also brought to 12:00 location sharing. Watched the exchange of a special OSCE monitoring mission and two vehicles of the International Committee of the red cross. In the temporarily occupied Gorlovka were mainly the Russian media, about 60 people. The exchange was scheduled for 13:00, then the time was pushed back an hour to 14:00. 14:04 of the first buses with 16 hostages began to move in the direction of the territory controlled by Ukraine.

President Petro Poroshenko congratulated Ukrainians first released on the phone. Among them, the ultras of football club “Zarya” Vladislav Ovcharenko, whose militants was sentenced to 17 years in prison for “espionage in favor of Ukraine”, the Ukrainian expert Igor Kozlovsky and a member of the Kiev organization Center UA Mr Fomichev. He was captured by militants in Makeyevka January 4, 2016. Lutkovska stated that at the time of the release of the 15 people refused to submit to militants in ORLO. According to the latest data, only in the occupied Donbass refused to go 69.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. Medvedchuk called the formula of the second phase of the release of the hostages: Ukraine may give 74 militants in exchange for the 29 Ukrainians held by terrorists. Gerashchenko said that in captivity until the beginning of this exchange was 170 Ukrainians. One thing is clear – the keys to free the remaining 96 Ukrainians in the Kremlin, in the hands of the President of the Russian aggressor Putin.

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The theme of the day. Not all for all but the most ambitious hostage exchange 27.12.2017

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