SBU reported about the exposure of the “Russian agent” in the Secretariat of the Cabinet. It appeared to be the head of Protocol of the Prime Minister, who was present at the talks Vladimir Groisman with many world leaders. Who is this man and what he could report to the Russian security services – in explaining the material

WHERE TO START. Yesterday evening, the press service of the SBU reported on the detention of the allegedly exposed in the Russian intelligence services officials of the Cabinet Secretariat.

SBU documented that the officer has collected information on activities of government bodies and passed it to the Russian curators through electronic communication channels. He was detained on a workplace with the assistance of the government. The Internet has got the video allegedly accidentally caught in the events channel as Straight as two employees of the SBU derive man from the building of the Cabinet through the main entrance.

The office opened criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 111 (high treason) of the criminal code and carried out searches at the place of work and residence of the official.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. Literally an hour after the detention of the representative of the Cabinet in the Verkhovna Rada Vadim Denisenko in the television broadcast and called the name of the suspect – Stanislav Yezhov. About midnight information was confirmed by Volodymyr Groysman. He wrote in his Facebook that together with SBU found in the Secretariat of the Cabinet official who has long worked in the interests of the Russian Federation, and thanked the intelligence officers for vigilance.

What is known at this point about Yezhov?

According to media reports, previously, he has long worked in the embassies of Ukraine in Slovenia and the United States. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry Yezhov was one of the best interpreters. According to the diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko, Ezhov, whom he knew personally, was the head of the Department/sector of official translations (a division that deals with transfer of contracts), the Ministry of foreign Affairs. In the SBU said that the official was recruited by the Russian intelligence services during long trips abroad. According to unconfirmed information, it happened during the work of Yezhov in the United States. But no-one knew, so Yezhov supposedly recommended that the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the then speaker of Parliament Groisman. Subsequently, they went to work in the Cabinet. According to some reports, detainee also worked in the administration of President, when this position was held by Viktor Yanukovych.

Media reported that earlier Yezhov in social networks wrote about his dissatisfaction with the demolition of the monument to Lenin allegedly called it fascism and nostalgia for SSSSR.

Today from the Declaration of Yezhov became known that his wife Julia Miroshnikov has Russian citizenship and account in the savings Bank of the Russian Federation.

We also found out that the translator, worked for his official meetings with many world leaders, for example, with British Prime Minister Theresa may and the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden. Later, the SBU reported that information about foreign travel and negotiations Groisman interested in the “Russian agent”.

Photo: Vkontakte Yezhov

Yaremenko wonders what kind of information could give the Russians a member of the Secretariat of the Cabinet, which has no special access to state secrets. “Well any one of his managers will have problems if you introduce him with secret documents without permission and needs, or what is going Yezhov was kalinowskii gossip and sketches on the theme of “what I see, that I sing.” Information about the meetings the Prime Minister is more interesting, but if people knew what they (these meetings) is primarily formal and empty,” wrote the diplomat.

Indeed, later in the SBU said the suspected Yezhov. He is suspected of “assisting foreign state, the Russian Federation, in conducting subversive activities against Ukraine.” “This form of high treason, in contrast to espionage, does not provide for statements that are passed to foreign intelligence services, certainly was a state secret,” – said Deputy head of the Main investigative Department Vitaly Beacons.

Coincidence or not, but tonight, the SBU reported about the exposure of the “Russian spy” in its ranks. Lieutenant-Colonel in the security services allegedly passed on proprietary information to representatives of the Russian Federation.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. What results SBU will reach in their search of Russian agents in the future is difficult to predict. But at the moment, the security services have to be questions at least to Groysman and Minister, if it is true that the Ministry advised him of this man. The Prime Minister must be questioned as a witness.

The mere presence of a “Russian spy” in the environment of the head of government is a serious blow to the image of the Ukrainian authorities. Perhaps even on the international arena, given that this man was present during the bilateral talks at the highest level.

The theme of the day. “Russian spy” in the Cabinet: who he is and what he can know 22.12.2017

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