Today in occupied Crimea, which the Russians called judges, sentenced the Ukrainian Vladimir Baloga to three years and seven months in prison and fined the equivalent of about 4.5 thousand UAH. Today’s judgment follows an appeal in the same sentence. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine stressed that the court was illegal, the decision – fabricated, and pressure on the aggressor country of Russia – will increase. Details about political prosecution of Belukha, which kept Pro-Ukrainian position and did not recognize the annexation of the Peninsula, in explaining the material

WHERE TO START. A Crimean farmer Mr Baluch from the very beginning of the Russian aggression and the annexation of the Peninsula supported the Euromaidan, did not hide their Pro-Ukrainian position. In December 2014, he was hanged at his home in the village of Serebryanka Ukrainian flag and a sign saying “street of the Heavenly hundred Heroes”. For its position Baloch and his family were under constant surveillance by the FSB. In their house were searched repeatedly: first, the pretext was a search for allegedly stolen from villagers things. In addition, Russian security forces required to remove the house with the flag of Ukraine.

During another search in the house of Baloha allegedly found 90 rounds of ammunition and a few TNT blocks. Krymchanin was arrested for all the time the “investigation” – for eight months.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. In August 2017 pseudocode Baluja sentenced to three years and seven months in a penal colony, and ordered him to pay a fine of 10 thousand rubles. To repay the money came from representatives of the movement of Crimean solidarity. In the framework of the Crimean marathon, they raising money for the Peninsula for the payment of fines, but with one condition – contributions can be made exclusively of 10-ruble coins. Thus, paying the fines by the occupation authorities, the activists bring them bags of coins.

In December, Baloha put forward another accusation: the Pro-Kremlin Prosecutor’s office on the Peninsula decided that the Ukrainian “threatened use of violence against a representative of authorities or his family”. We are talking about the conflict that arose between Baloha and head of Razdolnensky IVS Valery Tkachenko. Latest insulted Ukrainians on a national basis, was called “Bandera”, “pravosekom”, threatened to kill him. Baloch filed a complaint, but Tkachenko did the same thing.

In addition, at the end of last year, the Ukrainian political prisoner after his complaints about the state of health refused to passing a full medical examination, thereby grossly violating human rights.

Today, having considered the appeal, pseudocode left the decision in force, Ukrainian and sentenced to three years and seven months in prison (the prosecution demanded five years and one month of imprisonment with serving in a colony-settlement and payment of a fine in the amount of 20 thousand rubles). Before the court Baluch wished Ukraine does not give up, because “we still win”.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry in connection with the actions of the occupiers vowed to increase international pressure on Russia. “Fabricated the illegal decision of the courts. We Express our protest. Will strengthen the international pressure on Russia to release Baluja”, – wrote in his Twitter head of Department Mariana betsa. Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that “the perpetrators of the outrage will be punished.”

Since the beginning of the annexation of the Peninsula by the number of political prisoners there was over 60 people. Yet the liberation of the Crimean Tatars Akhtem chigusa and Ilmi Umerov was the only precedent. And while Crimea remains occupied, the release of the remaining Ukrainians depends on diplomacy and international pressure.

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The theme of the day. “Sentence” Baloha: another judgment of the occupiers in Crimea 17.01.2018

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