Known for his Pro-Russian Czech President Milos Zeman today has become the center of a new scandal, proposing to legalize the capture of Russia Ukrainian Crimea in exchange for compensation to Ukraine. Official Kiev expressed outrage at the announcement by the Czech leader. So what’s wrong with the Zeman – brief from

WHERE TO START. Actually it all started with the victory of Zeman in the presidential election in the Czech Republic in 2013. Even before taking office, he has strongly indicated he will be friends with Moscow as close as Vladimir Putin will allow. Zeman is known for his Pro-Russian stance. Has consistently spoken out against EU sanctions. In General, it would be strange to expect that Zeman will suddenly change position.

Therefore, speaking before the deputies of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Zeman proposed to recognize the Russian-occupied Crimea territory, Ukraine is paying compensation, “or financial, or oil and gas.” While Zeman did not deny that Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian territory illegal, but encouraged to live with it – say, the deed is done, gentlemen. Disagree with the idea of Zeman, the Czech President was intimidated by the threat of the “European war”. The social media joke: “have you Forgotten, man, the Sudetenland” (Zeman – 73 years).

HOW IT DEVELOPED. The reaction of Ukraine was under a sentence Zeman is fun. Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin urged “to leave of Zeman,” because “it is irreversible”. “In the theater there are Directors and there are actors. Those who invited him to the speech, knew what he would say. With them and must be fought,” – said the Minister. The foreign Ministry Zeman also said about the Munich agreement, which he is also, apparently, forgotten.

Permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba called Zeman “artist brought to the forefront to create the right atmosphere and to mobilize people who are still undecided about the return of the Russians” in PACE. “Answer him one: Crimea is not for sale,” – said the diplomat.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic Yevhen Perebiynis said that Zeman has actually offered Ukraine to come to terms not only with the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula, but the continuing repression of Russia against local Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars. “It is a pity that these words are from the President of the Czech Republic, which, unfortunately, was also the experience of occupation and repression,” – concluded the Ambassador.

THAN ENDED. Ukraine, traditionally, was outraged. In the Czech Republic, where half the government control of adequate Pro-European forces, traditionally will twist at the temple. According to the legislation of the Czech Republic, the President of this country does not affect its foreign policy. But silent he did not order. And if we talk about the suggestion of Zeman, it is difficult to imagine that anyone took seriously the proposal by the Czech President. So it all ended as it should – in any way.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. A call to accept the Russian occupation of the Crimea, Zeman once again confirmed its image of an agent of influence of Russia in the European Union. Are you going to expect the foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic will again have to apologize for their President. The official authorities of the Czech Republic, authorized to make statements constantly repeated: sanctions against Moscow necessary, the annexation of Crimea and Russia waged war in the Donbass – the act of aggression. So it will be this time.

Sam Zeman in a hurry: at the beginning of the 2018 presidential election, and he didn’t have long to sit in his office. So his rhetoric on Ukraine is marginal, and the love for Russia is stronger. However, Zeman, in spite of constant protests in the Czech Republic, says that even try to compete for the presidency. And the chances of him there: according to a September survey of CVVM, Zeman is ready to vote 31%. While this is the highest figure among other candidates.

But Zeman is not equal to Czech Republic. Yesterday he arrived in Ukraine three Czech Senator. They visited the Donetsk region to find out what the Czech Republic can help Ukraine in the fight against the consequences of what he had done in the Ukraine, Russia.

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The theme of the day. So what’s wrong with Zeman 11.10.2017

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