The Verkhovna Rada made the first step to the new electoral system is adopted in the first reading (this means that there is another vote) the draft electoral code. What is it and why is it necessary in explaining the material the material

WHERE TO START. A new electoral system – the President’s promise and the coalition, as well as one of the requirements of the Western allies of Ukraine on the implementation of reforms. Last month MPs have tried to introduce reform, but failed.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. Today deputies considered two laws: No. 3112 and No. 3112-1. Eventually took second, with a minimum required number of votes – 226. It was developed on the basis of the project, which was written by Yuri Klyuchkovsky in 2010. The document received a positive conclusion of the Venice Commission.

What will change if the law is adopted without changes. Most importantly – canceled mazhoritarka in the form in which it is. This means that the vote will be only for candidates of a particular party. But important innovation: the party lists will be open. The party is nominating a single list of candidates, endorsing him for Congress. From it generates regional lists. And the CEC distributes the mandates among the candidates who received a minimum of 4% of the votes from the regional lists, and from the state.

At first glance, the system looks complicated. But the reality is simple. Certainly no more difficult than the electoral system in the United States.

THAN ENDED. Two weeks later, the document will vote finally – after all make suggestions. And MPs are already saying that revisions can be so much that the essence of the law completely change. MPs like to do: I would accept the first reading and the second is to change the entire meaning.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. Members of the coalition said that for two weeks to cope with all changes really, but the votes to pass it in its entirety – yet. And not the fact that the new electoral system will be able to enter until new elections in 2019.

Under the law, the next presidential elections to be held March 31, 2019, and regular elections to the Verkhovna Rada on 27 October 2019.

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The theme of the day. The first step to a new system of voting in Ukraine 08.11.2017

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