Ukrainian and Belarusian authorities officially declare a friendly, if not fraternal, relations between the two countries. However, periodically, Belarus commits acts that cast doubt on the sincerity of such statements. This time – having detained the citizen of Ukraine and declared persona non grata by the Ukrainian diplomat. What happened in explaining the material

WHERE TO START. On 17 November, the head of the National public TV and radio company Zurab Alasania announced the arrest in Belarus of a correspondent of the Ukrainian radio Paul Sharoika. According to Alasania, the Ukrainians were detained on charges of espionage. This is not the first controversial detention on the territory of Belarus of the Ukrainian citizens. In August in Gomel was kidnapped 19-year-old Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom. A few days after the abduction, he was in a Russian prison of the FSB in Krasnodar. Until now the Belarusian authorities have not officially acknowledged the detention of the Fungus in their country.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. Today, the Belarusian KGB has confirmed the arrest of Sharoika, which, according to the Committee, took place on 25 October. While the KGB called the journalist “the personnel officer Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine”. He was allegedly founded in the Republic of Belarus network of agents of citizens of Belarus, who were assigned to collect intelligence. The Belarusians say that the detainee allegedly admitted his guilt. Against Sharoika prosecuted for espionage, he was taken into custody. In addition, the journalist allegedly admitted that its activities are coordinated by the counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Skvortsov, who allegedly also is a member of the Gur. Minsk Skvortsova declared persona non grata.

The KGB States that the detention Sharoika Ambassador of Ukraine Ihor Kizim was informed on 25 October. But “given the nature of bilateral relations agreed these facts are not to be made public,” said the KGB.

Main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry has officially denied accusations of Belarus. However the scouts noted that earlier Sharoika really served in Gur for the position of head of the press service, however, in 2009, was dismissed for health reasons.

The question about the accusations against the counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine in the fact that he is also an intelligence officer, Gur said that “comment is not to be” and was advised to go to the foreign Ministry. But the foreign Ministry comment on the incident refused, having advised to wait for an official statement. The Ukrainian Ambassador to Minsk Igor Kizim in comments to Radio Svoboda said that he did not agree with the ad Skvortsova persona non grata, but could not carry out this decision. Kizim believes that there is a strange “aggravating the situation”.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. Now Sharoika is detained in a Belarusian prison.

Journalists and dipuchrezhdeny engaged in espionage in favor of the countries on the territory of other States – a very common practice. Usually, if these people exposed, without attracting too much attention to change on their own spies, or for some other schemes be sent home. In the KGB so directly and stated that “given the nature of bilateral relations agreed these facts are not to be made public”. However, the information was leaked to the media, causing a secret solution to the problem probably became impossible.

On the other hand, the whole story may be a fiction of Belarus from the beginning to the end. No evidence of the work of the spies nor the Sharoika, or Skvortsova no. Journalists and diplomats by the nature of its activities of gathering information, and not necessarily that we are talking about sensitive data. It may well be that Belarus is involved in the information war with Ukraine on the side of Moscow. If so, then the phrase of Alexander Lukashenko “we are tanks” in Ukraine will not go, and go “tractor” is not so clear: on the tanks, but the information to put pressure on Ukraine – completely.

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