Today the former head of the presidential campaign of Donald trump by Paul Manafort and former adviser to President George Papadopoulos became the sensation of the day: the first brought charges of conspiracy against the United States (General – 12 counts), the second had confessed to giving false testimony about his relations with Russia. What happened and why it’s important – in explaining the material

WITH WHAT STARTED. Manafort she headed the campaign of trump in June 2016. Prior to that, he worked as a political strategist and adviser of fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. In may 2016 was published by the so-called Ledger of the Party of regions, which appeared Manafort. According to handwritten entries in the book, the American political strategist received from Yanukovych and his entourage of about $12 million (according to others, Manafort earned Ukraine $17 million).

After the elections and the victory of trump Manafort became one of the main defendants in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the possibility of Russian interference in American elections. The Washington Post, citing its sources wrote that Manafort through an intermediary offered by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska information about U.S. elections, as well as along with son-in-law trump met with close to the Kremlin lawyer from Russia Natalia Veselnitskaya.Deripaska work with Manufactor not deny it, but said that “did not assume any obligations and has not entered into contracts with the purpose of promoting the interests of the government Putin”.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. In August 2016, the NEB confirmed that Manafort appear in the list of black accounting PR. A political consultant with the successor of the party opposition bloc – said the oligarch Vadim Novinsky. According to the publication Bloomberg, the opposition bloc has paid Manafort $1 million.

In may 2017, the U.S. Department of justice in the case of RF interference in the elections has requested the Bank details of Manafort. In July, the former head of the campaign trump testified at the Senate Committee on intelligence, where he spoke about meeting with a Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya.

One of the charges against Manafort for his work for foreign governments and companies. According to the law of the United States from 1938, the political strategist had to register as a foreign agent. He promised to do in April 2017, but the registration did not take place, although Deripaska and the Ukrainian government, Manafort allegedly collaborated with the Angolan, Somali and Kurdish politicians and a Chinese billionaire.

THAN ENDED. Today Manafort surrendered to the Federal Bureau of investigation. The U.S. justice Department released an official list of charges against political consultant, and his business partner Rick gates. Both are charged with 12 counts, including: conspiracy against the United States (probably talking about relations with the Russians during the American elections); working as a foreign agent without being registered; money laundering (transfers to foreign accounts, including in Cyprus and the Seychelles), evasion from payment of taxes. The amount charges is $75 million.

As indicated in the text of the charges, between 2006 and 2015 Manafort and gates were working as unregistered foreign agents for the government of Ukraine, including Yanukovych, and later at the successor of the Party of Regions the Opposition bloc. “Manafort and gates received tens of millions of dollars as a result of work in Ukraine”, – the document says.

Manafort plead not guilty.

Except Manafort, another shock of the day was former adviser to President George Papadopoulos. He pleaded guilty to making false statements to FBI agents on the case of possible Russian intervention in the American elections. Prosecutors accused Papadopoulos of lying to investigators about his conversations with a foreign Professor telling him that the Russians have “thousands of emails” with dirt on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. On – court. Manafort, gates and Papadopoulos can testify not only against the environment trump, but against the President of the United States. Today was the first court session in Manufactu. The latter faces about 80 years in prison, gates – 70. The question that now faces President Trump.

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The theme of the day. What happened to the surroundings of tramp and why is it important 31.10.2017

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