Yesterday, December 17, supporters of the former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili is distinguished by the fact that he tried to force in the capital’s international center of culture and arts, known as the October Palace, with the aim to build there headquarters. Later, Saakashvili said that his party “movement new forces” nothing to do with military action, but has not changed his rhetoric to the General Prosecutor’s office, expressing her disrespect today, when it came to the GPU on the agenda. This week the court will hear the appeal of the GPU on the measure of restraint ex-to the Governor, and therefore the storm, and the behavior of Saakashvili to the Prosecutor’s office, can be used against him. The developments of these two busy days at

WHERE TO START. According to the official, Saakashvili was detained at night on December 8. In the GPU argue that the activities of the former Georgian President was funded by fugitive oligarch Sergei Kurchenko, who is a member of the so-called Family of Viktor Yanukovych. In addition, if you believe the GPU, Saakashvili is a suspect in these articles: the attempted crime; committal of crime by a group of persons or a criminal organization; promotion of members of criminal organizations; financing of actions committed to forcibly change or overthrow the constitutional order or seizure of state power, changes of borders of the territory or state border of Ukraine, as well as the financing of the takeover.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. Despite loud accusations, Saakashvili continues to move freely in Kiev and organizing a “March for impeachment” – the third was held yesterday in Kiev. Earlier, the Pechersk district court in Kiev refused to Prosecutor’s office in house arrest Saakashvili and released it to freedom.

The participants of yesterday’s March was marked by the fact that he tried to penetrate the October Palace and stage “coordinating headquarters”. In fact, it is first called for the rally after the March, Saakashvili himself. Protesters smashed Windows and the front door of the building, staged a scuffle with national guardsmen guarding the October.

In the evening in an interview on one of the channels Saakashvili called involved in the assault provocateurs who wanted “to discredit the peaceful protest”. The aggressive actions of the protesters was condemned by the U.S., Canada and great Britain, saying that “the attempts of takeover and destruction of public buildings is an abuse of the right to peaceful protest”.

Today Saakashvili also commented on the events in the October Palace, when he came for questioning to the Prosecutor. “We are there (October Palace – ed.) went on the road to the Verkhovna Rada. I asked people if they are willing to make a symbolic picket of BP, and they said Yes. On the way we went in October, because to us said the wife of the deputies, and proposed creating a joint headquarters in two rooms, and said that it is possible to rent these rooms. I told you on the way let’s go, let’s do the headquarters and move on,” said the ex-Governor, adding that the authorities were preparing a provocation, had sent to the National guard under.

His appearance before the Prosecutor’s office, Saakashvili turned into a press conference, and as a result refused to testify. Above the lobby, where journalists gathered, he did not go, and when he came down the head of procedure in his case Alexander Govorushin and asked to go to the office, Saakashvili allegedly angered his gestures: “have you got such gestures? Calm down. Do not wave your hands, young man.” “I’m telling you – shut up and listen to my lawyer,” said ex-Governor in response to the request of the investigator not to raise his voice. And when Govorushin turned and walked away, Saakashvili told reporters: “Here’s your office!”.

While the suspect’s lawyer said that this matter should be dealt with by the security Service of Ukraine and the Prosecutor’s office, therefore, Saakashvili refuses to give employees the GPU readings.

The Prosecutor’s office in the behaviour policy did not comment and only said that because “the suspect failed to appear for questioning, the Prosecutor intends to send him a summons”.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. The sluggish response of law enforcement to the events in Oktyabrskiy and the building of the GPU, maybe, says that they hope to achieve still house arrest for former President of Georgia: December 22, Kyiv court of appeals will hear the appeal of the GPU on failure to arrest Saakashvili. And the attack on the October and the refusal to give testimony to investigators could be used against the suspect. In addition, we cannot exclude that the truthful may be the information of Georgian media about what the head of the state security Service of Georgia conducts secret negotiations with the Ukrainian side for the extradition of Saakashvili.

The theme of the day. What is in store for Saakashvili’s storming of the October 18.12.2017

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