Today, two key anti-corruption structure – NABU and SAP – were detained on suspicion of involvement in corruption schemes of the Deputy Minister of defence of Ukraine Igor Pavlovsky and the head of the procurement Department MO Vladimir Gulevich. It promises to be one of the most notorious in the new political season. The details in explaining the material

WITH WHAT STARTED. According to investigators, in early 2016, the Ministry of defence by results of the open auction signed with a commercial company, Commodity trade 14 contracts for the supply of fuel totaling more than 1 billion UAH. Subsequently, however, without any legal grounds of the defense Ministry and the company signed several additional agreements, arbitrarily increasing the price per unit of product an average of 16% of the initial price. In the end, dissipated nearly 150 million UAH. And today detectives NABOO came to ask how it happened. But how strong is the evidence base NABU and SAP is unknown.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. While the number of suspects in the case to NAB in MO varies from two to six. Why on the fence? NABU confirms two suspects, SAP – four. There is information about six. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the investigation is ongoing right now. In the media you can find the information that some of the authors of the scheme allegedly packing his bags, and someone had already escaped.

What is known about the defendants in the case?

IGOR PAVLOVSKY. Appointed Deputy Stepan Poltorak in April 2015. According to the Declaration of Paul, owns an apartment in Zhytomyr and a land plot in Odessa region. Rides on the Fiat Tempra 1991.

VLADIMIR GULEVICH. In 2016, he often had to make excuses because of accusations of support to the army substandard products and uniforms. According to the Declaration of Gulevich, owns an apartment in Kiev and the Honda CR-V 2010 release. Gulevich has the status of a participant ATO.

ANDREY ADAMOVSKY. The most interesting link. The businessman confirmed the project Nashi Groshi their attitude towards the company trade Commodity. The head of the Reserve Vadym Mosiychuk reported that Adamovskiy personally led negotiations with him on behalf of a trade Commodity during the conflict with the supply of poor quality fuel. Adamovskiy is known as one of the founders of the company Farlep, co-owner of Oledo, he owns half of Sky Mall. But even Adamovsky is a former partner of the Deputy from BPP Alexander Granovsky, who is considered responsible from the President for influence in the judicial hierarchy. Sam Granovsky says that has nothing to do with the trade Commodity.

Formally the sole owner and Manager of the company is Vadim Maiko from Kamenka, Dnipropetrovsk region. Lives in a normal apartment building. Does not have a car. However, his firm, according to Nashi Groshi, in the last two years won tenders fuel by 7.11 billion. Basically it is a contract with Ukrzaliznitsa and the Ministry of defense.

History gives piquancy by the fact that adamovsky can be Russian citizenship. According the businessman himself has admitted that he is a citizen of the Russian Federation, and also has Ukrainian citizenship and residence in Israel and Canada. For example, according to UBR, last Adamovsky was the Junior partner of the Russian company Comstar for the development of the Ukrainian subsidiary Comstar-Ukraine (now the Russian Comstar included in MTS).

THAN ENDED. At the moment, Pavlovsky and Goulevitch was suspected of misappropriation, embezzlement of property or taking to them by abuse of official position (part 5, article 191 of the criminal code). Head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky said that the detained were four men. To them threatens from 8 till 12 years of imprisonment. Searches were held and a trade Commodity. The details are still unknown.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. It is possible that the number of suspects will increase. The sides in law enforcement agencies say the case has serious political prospect and can lead to personnel shifts in the government. But maybe not – we all remember it Bochkov, who was detained during a meeting of the Cabinet. Well, the thing Nasirov, which is stuck in court.

The theme of the day. Who steals, the defense Ministry during the war 12.10.2017

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