Today, the Verkhovna Rada dismissed the head of the anti-corruption Committee Yegor Sobolev. As it is, it would seem not the most scandalous vote (today, BP has managed to extend the moratorium on sale of agricultural land and to step to the destruction of the tender procurement) is due to a massive attack on NABOO, in explaining the material

WHERE TO START. The conflict between the head of the anti-corruption Committee and the coalition began in the spring of 2017, when Sobolev prevented the appointment of a candidate for auditors of NABOO British lawyer Nigel brown, who lobbied for the BPP and people’s front. Sobolev said that “the man who has provided services for Russian oligarchs, has an impeccable reputation for such things as audit NABOO”. The candidate himself, even without receiving any tools and access to content, called the Bureau’s work “mediocre”. Even then, Sobolev said that he had been promised a dismissal, however, in his opinion, it does not have enough votes.

After that was the so-called conflict of agencies, when the part of the PGO and SBU to address the NABOO were accused of incompetence, the use of illegal methods in the investigation and the lack of real results. Against three employees of the Bureau GPU opened criminal proceedings under article about bribe. In addition, the Agency Lutsenko has disclosed the identity of one of the agents NABOO undercover. NABU accused their colleagues from the SBU and the GPU in the disruption of operations at the top to corrupt officials.

At the same time and Lutsenko, Poroshenko expressed opinion that creation of a separate anti-corruption court in Ukraine and proposed to establish an anti-corruption chamber in the existing obschekriminalnoy court. Subsequently, under pressure from the public and the Western partners, they kind of changed their position.

It should be noted that all this time, and the West, and NAB strongly insisted on the creation of a special anti-corruption court. The Bureau stated that the lack of such a body is due to the absence of court verdicts against corrupt officials, the existing courts simply ignore the consideration of indictments in cases of corruption.

Sobolev was among those politicians who actively demanded from the President of the initiative anticorona. But so far such an initiative by Poroshenko is not received.

HOW IT DEVELOPED. Yesterday, December 6, the heads of the factions of the BPP and NF have registered in Parliament a bill allowing the Parliament and the President to dismiss leaders of independent anti-corruption bodies. According to the document, the Parliament obtains the right of voting of the majority to terminate the powers of the heads of the RRG, NABOO, ARS, members of the NACP. In addition, the President can dismiss the Director of NABU in the case of an not criminal, and even administrative offenses. Previously, the law provided that the President may do so only after a negative audit findings.

Director of the NABU Artem Sytnik said that intelligence agencies of Ukraine are working against the Agency because of the Bureau, he said, was getting too close to major corruption. He advised MPs to focus on creating anticorodal instead of trying to control NABOO.

This bill, according to sources, planned to vote as a whole on the next day after registration i.e. on 7th December. However, the resonance that caused this initiative in Ukraine and abroad, forced the coalition to change its plans – the bill was not included in the agenda. The U.S. state Department , the EU, the IMF issued statements instructing, the meaning of which can be reduced to the thesis: there is no independent NABOO – there will be trenches, support in war with Russia, and even bezviz can select.

Simultaneously with the attempt to legitimate the mechanism of dismissal of the Director of NABU, the coalition decided to use another opportunity to achieve still loyal to her auditor’s office. So yesterday on the proposal of the member of the Committee, MP from the PPO Yuriy Burlaka the Committee voted to propose to the vote of the Rada resolution on dismissal of Sobolev as the head of the Committee in connection with its “poor performance”.

256 vote deputies supported this decision. Of the BPP, NF and the opposition bloc was given for the dismissal Sobolev 108, 65 and 32 votes respectively. Group Renaissance upheld the decision of 17 votes, the Radical party – 15, the will of the people – 13.

“I’m 15 months prevented Poroshenko and To assign dependent auditor of NABOO, which they are going to deal with the team of Artem Sytnik,” wrote Sobolev on his Facebook.

The leader of the BPP Arthur Gerasimov, one of the authors of the draft law on the control of the NAB, noted that the work of the anti-corruption Committee under the leadership of Sobolev, “was not effective”.

The official reaction of the structures of the European Union for this event has not yet happened, however, the media reported that sources in environment European officials have made it clear that the dismissal Sobolev, “contrary to expectations” of the EU.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. Obviously, after the dismissal of Sobolev PPB and PF, and through them, apparently, the President will get to appoint loyal to him and auditor’s NABU – a tool to influence an independent body that will allow the coalition harder to control the fight against corruption in Ukraine. Accommodating the head of the profile Committee and its auditor NABOO will allow the authorities some time to simulate the fight against corruption in the country

The theme of the day. Why Rada dismissed Yegor Sobolev and what does NABOO 08.12.2017

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