In comments to one of the Ukrainian publications, the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko said that the suspected leadership of the special operation in the City can expand on article 115 of UK “premeditated murder”. This information ЛІГА.net confirmed the attorney General’s office.

According to Lutsenko, in the result of investigation, the suspected leaders of the operation in the City will be clarified. In addition to negligence, the security forces, responsible for the operation, and may even produce the article 115 of the criminal code – “murder”. At the same time, according to the Prosecutor General, the examination is not yet complete.

Lutsenko also said that the Prosecutor General’s office now have evidence that the house in the City near where the shooting occurred, was robbed twice, once by robbers and once by law enforcement officials.

In addition, the head of the GPU added that investigating the events during the arrest the robbers in the vicinity of Kiev.

Night, December 4, 2016, in the village knyazhichi, Kiev region Brovary district, Kyiv region as a result of the special operation on detention of criminal group of robbers killed five employees of the national police. The official version says that law enforcement officers mistakenly opened fire against each other.

Upon the death of the security forces, the Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv region began pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 115 of the criminal code – murder.

Acting national police head of Vadim Troyan has suspended all law enforcement officers involved in special operations in the City.

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