So happy to go to work, it is important that the atmosphere in the team was beneficial. Someone more comfortable to keep your distance in dealing with colleagues and maintain a strictly professional relationship, and for someone it is important to be friends, to communicate not only within the workflow, but also to spend free time together. Specialist of expert and analytical center of HeadHunter Ukraine Ekaterina, Krivoruchenko told how Ukrainians assess the working atmosphere in your workplace and that, in their opinion, affects the formation of a friendly atmosphere.

According to the survey of International HR portal, 54% of respondents think the atmosphere in his team friendly. A quarter of survey participants said that she was tense. 12% are inclined to believe that their company has a formal environment. About the hostility in the team said only 3% of respondents.

According to some respondents, the atmosphere of different people may be different to someone are neutral or friendly, but to someone hostile. It was also noted that relationships in the team too trusting, and someone described the atmosphere as informal, but at the same time tense, including due to the presence of gossip.

In parallel with the General atmosphere in the team, respondents also rated the level of competition. Half of the companies surveyed, a fairly low competition. Moderate level of competition was reported by 35% of respondents. And lower competition claim respondents working, by his own definition, in friendly groups. And in communities with a hostile atmosphere respondents were more likely to report a high level of competition.

If to speak about the factors influencing the formation of friendly atmosphere in the team, according to respondents, the TOP 3 are: mutual assistance, good communication, teamwork. Less common answers were: tolerance for the shortcomings of colleagues (35%), the common interests of employees (31%) and joint centres (14%). Also other respondents noted the importance of clearly defined obligations and fair professional management.

“The atmosphere in the team – a phenomenon changeable. In difficult for a person day it can be tense. It also happens that there are conflicts, and for some time the situation becomes hostile. Furthermore, everyone appreciates the attitude, so the same company may be considered depending on the situation and how friendly, and how antagonistic. In General, fluctuations in the atmosphere of the workforce cannot be avoided, but all strive to ensure that it was still favourable and the man wanted to go to work”, – said the expert.

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Data were obtained as a result of the survey conducted by the Research center of International HR portal in November 2017. The survey included 840 respondents from different regions of Ukraine.

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The Ukrainians said that creates a pleasant atmosphere at work 22.11.2017

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