UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres expressed deep concern over the Israeli decision to expand construction of Jewish settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan river. Reported by the BBC.

The UN believes that the construction is illegal, and such actions interfere with the peace.

January 22, Israel approved construction of new homes on Palestinian territory in East Jerusalem. The decision was made two days after the inauguration of US President Donald trump.

Israel’s actions are contrary to adopted in UN security Council resolution urging to stop the construction of Jewish settlements in Palestine. The United States refused to veto the resolution and abstained from voting.

Because resolutions are recommendatory, soon after the vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would not perform the “shameful” resolution and will reconsider relations with the UN.

Previously, trump has criticized the resolution backed the Prime Minister of Israel.

The UN responded to the construction of Jewish settlements 25.01.2017

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