UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres believes that next year the world will be a lot of new and complex threats. This he said in his new year address, reports Voice of America.

The UN Secretary General has called for greater unity in order to overcome these threats and make the world more peaceful. He noted that the hope for peace this year, and in many respects the planet, on the contrary, moved in the opposite direction.

“The conflict deepened, new threats have emerged. Anxiety over nuclear weapons at the highest since the cold war level. The climate is changing faster than we can react. Inequality is growing in the world, we are witnesses to terrible human rights violations. Nationalism and xenophobia at a time when we are entering in 2018, on the rise. I call for unity,” – said Guterres.

The UN Secretary General called on world leaders for unity in the new year 01.01.2018

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