Five UN experts on human rights urged the Chechen authorities to stop the persecution and oppression of sexual minorities in this Republic of the Russian Federation. This is referred to in a statement published on the website of the UN news Centre.

Representatives of the organization urged the Russian authorities to immediately release of all men arrested for being gay.

Human rights defenders, the UN has urged the authorities in Moscow resolutely condemn all homophobic statements and actions, and to secure an independent investigation of all reports of crimes committed on the grounds of discrimination.

“We urge the authorities to stop the practice of persecution in Chechnya, people who are considered homosexual or bisexual. These people live in an atmosphere of constant fear, which is fuelled by homophobic statements by representatives of the local authorities”, – said in a statement.

The UN told about the information that came to him in this case.

According to sources, the experts of the organization, for abuse and harassment of homosexual persons involved in police and security forces.

“It got to the point that gays have become even to kill, including their own relatives – allegedly in the name of protecting family honour”, – stated in the message.

“All these persecutions and acts of violence has reached unprecedented levels in the region. They constitute serious violations of the Russian Federation’s obligations under international law in the field of human rights,” said human rights activists.

UN experts have information that abuse of sexual minorities occurred in an illegal detention centre near the town of Argun.

There the men were subjected to torture through electric shock, beaten, humiliated and forced to provide the names of other gays.

The statement was signed by the independent expert on the issue of protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, the Chairman of the working group on arbitrary detention, the UN special Rapporteur on the question of extrajudicial executions, the special Rapporteur on torture and special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of expression.

1 April 2017 on the pages of the New newspaper published an investigation called “honor Killing”, which States that in Chechnya over the last week, was arrested more than hundreds of men suspected of homosexual relationships. According to media reports, we know at least three men who were killed by the kidnappers, however, such killings were even more.

On April 14 edition of Novaya Gazeta said that he regarded as a threat against their journalists the resolution adopted at the Congress of the Chechen clergy, which contained a paragraph about “retribution.” “Because the insult to centuries-old foundations of the Chechen society and the dignity of Chechen men, and our faith, we promise that retribution will overtake the true instigators, wherever and whoever they were, without a limitation period”, – said in a resolution.

The UN told details about the torture of gays in Chechnya and condemned Russia 14.04.2017

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