U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that Washington supports peaceful anti-government protests in Iran and can support a peaceful change of power in this country. He said this in an interview with CNN.

According to Tillerson, the Iranian people have suffered from the actions of the current “regime”.

“I think the Iranians have suffered from this mode, is a revolutionary government. They called themselves the revolutionary government, and the Iranian people have suffered from this regime. Very little benefit for the Iranian people. Since then, as the regime came to power, they suffered from economic sanctions over destabilizing role played by this mode in the region,” he said.

He noted that the United States can support non-violent change of power in Iran.

“At some point people will decide that this is not how they want to live, but we have always supported peaceful change of power. We do not support the violent methods of regime change…” said Tillerson.

“We support the Iranian people, their desire for a better quality of life, greater freedom. We believe that they deserve it, but only the Iranian people can make this peaceful change of power. We support it,” he added.

According to Secretary of state, now his country’s support for the protesters in Iran politically, “strengthening their voice”.

“When they take to the streets, we listen to why they are there, what are their problems. And where there are legitimate concerns, and we agree that this is a real problem, we should support their statement. And it was made by the President, the White house, Vice President I at the State Department through the statements – we have strengthened their voice,” said Tillerson.

December 28, 2017 in the Iranian city of Mashhad held a demonstration against declining living standards, which soon spilled over into other towns, including the capital Tehran. The demonstrations turned into protests with victims from both protesters and security forces in Najafabadi was shot by a member of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps.

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The United States can support a peaceful change of power in Iran – Tillerson 06.01.2018

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