South Korea should pay for a missile defense system THAAD $1 billion, which the US established to intercept ballistic missiles of North Korea. About it reports AFP.

“I informed South Korea that it would be appropriate if they were paid. This billion dollar system. It’s phenomenal, it knocks the rockets in the sky,” he said.

The first part of the complex THAAD was delivered to the deployment site in South Korea, and is now set for the positions.

US officials assured that the system will start to work within several days.

In Seoul say that under the agreement the status of forces, which governs the US military presence in the country, South Korea needs to provide areas to accommodate THAAD and to provide the infrastructure, and the United States have to pay for its implementation and operation.

“This is the basic position will not change,” – reads the statement of the Ministry of defense of South Korea.

16 April, North Korea unsuccessfully attempted to launch a missile from its East coast.

Earlier, North Korea’s military threatened the United States “ruthless” measures in response to the notice of the President of the United States Donald trump’s “deal” with the nuclear threat posed by North Korea in the light of information about the development of Pyongyang’s another nuclear test.

The us missile defense system will cost South Korea $1 billion trump 28.04.2017

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