The actions of the aggressor country of Russia over the last decade showed Moscow’s willingness to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other Nations is “real”, and not “just rhetorical”. This was announced at the transatlantic forum in Russia the Director of Department of policy planning of the U.S. Department of state Brian hook,Radio Liberty reports.

He stressed that the threat to Europe from Russia is similar to the threat faced by the West during the cold war.

“As in the past, threatened the area from the Baltic to the Black sea”, – he stressed.

According to him, Moscow’s desire to modernize forces, and pointed out that “military arrangement of forces in Europe favored by Russia.”

“Moscow has developed a cruise missile with nuclear engines, “in clear violation” of a Treaty on nuclear arms of average range”, – he said.

He believes that as in the past, Russia is waging a propaganda and disinformation game.

“The big difference between today’s Russia and its Soviet form, lies in the fact that it lacks ideological coherence that supported her actions. But Russia, nevertheless, a serious contender,” added hook.

Hook reminded about the war of Russia against Georgia in 2008, the illegal annexation of Crimea and hybrid war in the Donbass.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the United States know that Putin’s Russia is headed by the Pro-Russian militants in the Donbass, includes them and teaches with the help of military advisors.

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The US state Department: Russia is a threat from the Baltic to the Black sea 17.11.2017

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