Washington is going to allocate for the implementation of initiatives to reduce the hybrid’s aggression in Europe of about $5 billion, of which improving the defense capabilities of the Baltic States will be sent only $100 million About it is spoken in the message of Agency Deutsche Welle.

The committees on armed forces of the United States Congress agreed the annual act on National defense, defining the policy and the Pentagon’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which officially began in the States on October 1.

Countering the aggression of Russia in the document there is a separate article: congressmen have not paid attention to the invasion of the Russians in Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014, and its threat to allies in NATO.

In the text of the act emphasizes the extension of military activity of the Russian Federation in the Arctic region and the Mediterranean sea, the development of its nuclear doctrine, as well as a violation by Moscow of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty) and the multilateral international Treaty on open skies.

In addition, the United States and its Eurocouncil worried about the flood of misinformation, propaganda and cyberattacks from the Russian Federation and a hybrid of military operations the Kremlin. U.S. multichannel distributors, operators of satellite and cable TV offered “to refrain from broadcasting content that is owned, controlled or financed by the government of the Russian Federation” and recommended not to enter into leases airtime with manufacturers of similar programs.

Given all this, Washington is going to direct the containment of Russia in Europe, about 4 billion euros.

Due to violations of the INF Treaty with Moscow the Americans to resume the research programme on the use of cruise missiles, medium-range, ground-based: Europe will be listed $58 million.

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Also the act of Nicobarese requires the preparation of annual reports on the strategy of Russian information war.

Now US lawmakers expect from the head of the Pentagon James Mattis and Secretary Rex Tillerson development of a comprehensive plan to counter the threat of malicious activity on the part of the Russian Federation.

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Earlier, the Senate approved a draft law that provided for in the budget allocation of $150 million more for Ukraine.

The US wants to allocate about $5 billion for the destruction of the plans of the Russian Federation in Europe 09.11.2017

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