The United States intends to allow exploration and production of oil and gas in vast areas of the Gulf of Mexico. Said this yesterday, responsible for land use issues, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country.

Off the coast of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Florida plans to lease the territory of a little less than 300 thousand square kilometers. This area is comparable in size to such countries, Poland and Germany.

“Opening new Federal lands and waters to oil and gas production is the basis of the plan of the President of trump aimed to make the United States energy independent,” – said the Minister of internal Affairs Ryan Zinke.

First proposed to open these areas for production the administration of Barack Obama. Shortly before the resignation of Obama has banned oil production in large areas of the Atlantic ocean and the Arctic, but his administration had developed, though had not implemented a production permit in the Gulf of Mexico to the territory a little smaller than the one that will open at trump’s 66 million acres, or 267 thousand square kilometers. Reserves here are estimated, according to the interior Ministry, 90 billion barrels of oil and 327 billion cubic feet of gas (9.3 trillion cubic meters).

Recall that in this region was the largest in the history of the oil leak of approximately 5 million barrels after an explosion at the oil platform Deepwater Horizon in 2010. The leak has caused major environmental disaster, the elimination of the consequences took years and required the spending of tens of billions of dollars.

Source: Prime

The US wants to allow oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico 09.03.2017

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