Parliament has granted the status of combatants injured during the revolution of dignity. For such changes to the law on status of war veterans and guarantees of their social protection No. 5697 voted 241 MPs, reports the correspondent of

The law is supplemented by new article “Affected participants revolution of dignity”. The victims are those who were injured during the events on Maidan and appealed for medical help from 21 November 2013 to 30 April 2014.

For such people subject to the benefits provided by the law on the status of war veterans. The article does not apply to police officers, other law enforcement agencies that received injuries during the performance of official duties in connection with the events on the Maidan.

The status of disabled war veteran under the law granted to those who became disabled as a result of injury, other damage to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, or on the boundary line during the period of the ATO.

30 September 2017, President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on celebration of the Day of dignity and freedom on November 21, 2017. This day will honor members of the Orange revolution and the revolution of dignity.

Special project: the Revolution of dignity. Chronicle of the overthrow of the dictatorship

The victims on the Maidan have equated to participants of operations 14.11.2017

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