The West can not cope with the Russian cyber-attacks and exposure streams of propaganda from Russia. This was during a visit to London, Minister of foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics, writes the local edition of The Guardian.

The Latvian foreign Minister told his colleagues that the state-aggressor automated campaign of misinformation in social networks, and the “more evidence”.

Rinkevics cited a report of the Center for strategic communication NATO, which experts claim a number of Russian tweets about NATO in Latvia, written bots, five times greater than the number of messages from real people. The ratio for Estonia is nine to one.

“He called such tactics are very systematic and new way of spreading propaganda among the youth. Rinkevics called on the U.S. Congress to strengthen the investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections of 2016”, – the newspaper writes.

In his opinion, for U.S. allies, it is important to understand the mechanics of combining cyber attacks with the subsequent use of this information as weapons to manipulate people’s opinions.

“If you have a hacker attack, fake news with a purpose, to react is very difficult. We can find out what happened, but it is very difficult to prove. Need to upgrade all the legislation in this area,” – said Rinkevics.

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The West is unable to cope with hackers and propaganda of Russia – Ministry of foreign Affairs of Latvia 05.09.2017

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