One of the important achievements of the US President Donald trump at the head of the state during the first 100 days of work is to isolate Syria and Russia in the UN. This is the website of the White house.

The report said that trump had achieved “the further isolation of Syria and Russia to the UN successful diplomacy with Chinese President XI Jinping”.

“I think it very much does, he definitely does not want to see cluttered and death, he does not want to see, he’s a good man, he’s a good man,” he described trump its Chinese partner with whom he held talks in April this year.

Among the achievements of the U.S. President called the introduction of us sanctions against Iran and Syria, as well as further work on the isolation of North Korea.

The success of his administration, trump said, and the decrease in illegal crossings of the southern U.S. borders by 61% since January of this year and the signing of the decree on the initial financing of the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico

On the achievements of the national security of the United States emphasizes that trump “sent the message to the world”, ordered the strike on the airbase in Syria in response to chemical attack in the Syrian Idlib.

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April 4 in the city of Khan shaykhun in the Syrian province of Idlib pre-regime forces of Bashar al-Assad, supported by the Kremlin, was caused to the air strike with chemical weapons – sarin gas. The victims of the attack, according to different data, were from 70 to 100 people, including about 30 children.

In response to a gas attack on the night of 7 April, the United States launched a missile attack on the Syrian air base of the shirt in the province of HOMS. The number of dead soldiers of Assad’s army ranges from four to ten people. Also, Damascus announced the deaths of civilians in an attack.

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The white house has called Russia’s isolation at the UN, an important achievement of the trump 28.04.2017

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