The Institute of mass information (IMI) and reporters without borders presented in Kiev, the site Monitoring medialistener (IOM), which published information about the owners of Ukrainian media and their links with politicians and businessmen.

For the study was selected 43 of the most popular media, including 12 TV channels.

The site says that the television market is highly concentrated, as the major 4 owners represent an audience share of 76,25%. These four media groups own the richest people in Ukraine, Pinchuk, Kolomoisky, Firtash and Akhmetov.

Top 4 radio groups reach 92,23% of the audience of Ukraine. Three of the four major owners of large radio groups – known rich people of Ukraine (Pinchuk, Kurchenko, Evtukhov), except for TRK Luxury owned by the wife of the mayor of the city of côte Garden.

Top 4 print media is 18,60% readership, which is a low concentration. Market the most popular print media is concentrated in the hands of four owners, Akhmetov, Brain, Alexandrova and Shvets. Experts note that three of the owners (except Shvets) have Pro-Russian position and print its publications mainly in Russian.

The market of online resources is not regulated in Ukraine, according to the study. According to experts, websites are not considered media and not registered as such. Top 4 owners of Internet media is the audience share of 17.56%.

There was a site with information about the owners of Ukrainian media 11.10.2016

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