To draw attention to the events in Ukraine, the British National Geographic photojournalist Anastasia Taylor-Lind and a student of the Harvard program in journalism from Donetsk Alisa Sopova send out random destinations on the planet postcards with landscapes of Eastern Ukraine, on which were written the names of those killed in the Donbass military and civilians.

As writes Associated Press, in postcards also mention the date and the exact place of death of those who died in the war of Russia against Ukraine. As of today, sent more than 2,000 postcards to more than 60 countries.

Shares the authors hope in this way to make the armed conflict in the East of the country humanly more friends have received a postcard to a stranger.

“I wanted people to embrace the conflict more personally… the War in Ukraine is not something that once happened and is already gone. She touched the lives and livelihoods of millions of people,” said Taylor-Lind.

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The photographer said that the idea came to her head post office in Slavyansk, when he was in the epicenter of events in the beginning of the war. In the summer of 2015 Taylor-Lind ordered thousands of postcards and start sending them to people over the world often unfamiliar.

According to her, people in social networks reacted differently to the message, showing emotions of anger and shock and confusion and sadness, accompanying the reaction of the hashtag #WelcomeToDonetsk and #WarIsPersonal.

They were killed in the Donbass: the journalists sent to planet cards 30.01.2017

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