More than two thousand representatives of science strongly opposed by the US President Donald trump decree restricting immigration from some Muslim countries. Scientists signed a petition.

“We, the undersigned, scholars and researchers from various fields of science, we Express our concern and strongly oppose this measure for three reasons,” – said in the text of the petition.

According to scientists, decree, firstly, discriminatory (document directed against the people, United into one group based on their country of origin); secondly, the decree detrimental to the national interests of the United States, as it limits the influx of talented scientists; third, the decree will lead to excessive load on community members, whose status in the United States will be reviewed.

“Unethical and discriminatory treatment of law-abiding, hard-working and well-integrated immigrants radically contrary to the fundamental principles of the United States,” reads the petition.

The signatories urged trump to reconsider his decision.

On Friday, trump had signed a decree that curtailed immigration from Muslim countries. The indignation of this decree have already expressed Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg. The Internet company Google encouraged its employees that are outside of the United States, to return to the country as soon as possible because of this decree. France and Germany have already formally expressed their concerns in connection with the decision of trump.

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Thousands of scientists call on trump to cancel the anti-immigrant decree 28.01.2017

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