Journalists argue that the family of Yulia Tymoshenko received an income of UAH 2.4 million from a Cyprus company Diafox Consulting Limited, which in Ukraine decorated with a network of pawnshops “Cheap cash.” This is stated in the investigation, Mariana Motronic “Money from Tymoshenko” for the program “Our money with Denys Bigus”.

“The Central office of the pawn shop is located in party building, “protected” parliamentary reception of the Deputy from BYUT Sergey Vlasenko,” – said in the investigation.

According to journalists, Lombard founded in 2013, the network is now “Cheap cash” includes 20 branches.

“Registered Lombard street Heroes of Sevastopol 48, of. 207. This building is the office of the Kyiv oblast branch of Batkivshchyna, whose Chairman is the former Deputy Konstantin Bondarev. The building itself belongs to a company named Bondarev. Here is foster the people’s Deputy from the Batkivshchyna Serhiy Vlasenko”, – stated in the investigation.

Also, according to the media, besides the Central office pawn shop in the same building was the number of companies associated with Bondarev.

At the same time Serhiy Vlasenko denies the fact of registration of a pawnshop in his office: “I do not have any relation to Lombard, and my foster definitely has nothing to pawn” – he said.

“In the Cyprus registry the owner of the company Diavox Consulting limited is “nominal” Artemis of Stylenow. Despite the impossibility of identifying the real owner, the offshore company can be clearly identified as the company from the interests of BYUT”, – say the journalists.

The authors of the investigation note that neither the people nor Vlasenko, Tymoshenko’s nor has not provided a response regarding the final beneficiary of the pawnshop. Thus, according to them, in accordance with the provisions of pawn activities in the name of the pawnshop must be specified main shareholder.

Timoshenko’s family earns pawn shops media 10.10.2017

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