About a quarter of working Ukrainians ready to go to the office with a high temperature, and most of the office workers shows the working zeal, having cough, sore throat, General weakness. This was told LIGA.net specialist of expert and analytical center of HeadHunter Ukraine Ekaterina, Krivoruchenko.

According to a survey by the International personnel portal hh.ua thousands of Ukrainians continue to go to work with symptoms of the disease, in the English language for this phenomenon, there is even a special term – “presence” (presenteeism), because to work in this state is hardly possible.

According to the expert hh.ua, reasons why sick employees come to work, somewhat:

  • Do as I do. The issue of hospital workers, as a rule, follow the example of their leader. If he comes to the office sick, you can expect this from their employees.
  • If not me, then who? There is a category giperatidnyi employees who believe that if they are not dying, so can carry out their duties, especially when on the nose of the deadline, and if at some time they will leave office and there will be chaos and devastation.
  • Both worked – and earned. The lack of disease – the problem of contractors and freelance staff whose salary depends on the amount of work done. In other words, if they get sick, will remain without charge.
  • You for me – I am for you. Even workers with paid sick leave can sometimes carry the disease on their feet, if the company decided to cover the absent employee (especially if you work in shifts). So if someone falls out of the cage for a week, its work the neighbor does, but then comes “the day of reckoning”, that is the work for the neighbor, and to serve double duty is not always convenient.

“A runny nose is not a disease, he will pass – so probably at least once thought of each of us. Nevertheless, doctors advise to take sick leave when the first cold symptoms, especially if the work takes place in close contact with people. This applies, first and foremost, teachers, health care workers, salespeople, managers in banks. After all, if onset of illness to stay home, as can be greatly diminished,” said, Krivoruchenko.

According to her, appearing in the office in an unhealthy condition and symptoms of the disease, the employee poses a risk to all other colleagues, this can lead to the disruption of workflow and schedules of work, because others might easily from becoming infected in the confined space of the office.

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Scientists from the University of Arizona conducted a study which showed that the rate of infection within an office space is not more than two hours. Thus breeding grounds for bacteria be phone, surface, desktop, door handles, office printer, Elevator buttons, and refrigerator. Therefore, during seasonal epidemics, it is desirable to carry out wet cleaning of office space as often as possible, to air, to wipe at least wipes the surface of the Desk, phone and computer mouse. And keep just in case in a drawer protective mask.

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Earlier it was reported that Ukrainians can rightly be considered workaholics. Almost half of them spent lunch less than an hour.

To hurt or to work: rate of infection within the office – 2 hours 02.12.2017

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