The average selling rate of the us currency fell to 6.90 COP to UAH 26,8820. (see Table 1). The maximum purchase rate amounted to 26,73 UAH, the minimum selling rate – 26,8 UAH.

The average rate of buying the Euro fell by 11.68 COP and is 30,7415 UAH, the average selling rate fell by 12.43 31,2650 COP to UAH. Sell the Euro can be expensive for UAH 30,9, buy cheaper – for UAH 31,1.

The average purchase rate of 10 Russian rubles fell by 5.2 COP and is 4,177 UAH for 10 Russian rubles. The average selling rate fell by 4.1 kopecks to UAH 4,580. The maximum rate of cash purchase offered by banks – 4,5 UAH for 10 rubles, the minimum selling rate – 4,45 UAH.

Table 1. Average and median exchange rates of cash currency*

*Review based on the information collected.
20 banks by 10:00 (the data collected from the official websites of banks)

Today cash dollar fell by 6 cents 08.11.2017

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