Yesterday, November 20, the President of the United States Donald trump returned to North Korea to list of state sponsors of terrorism, thereby clearing the way for the introduction of more stringent sanctions against the totalitarian state which creates nicotianamine ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. About it writes Reuters.

Japan and South Korea welcomed such a move to Washington, saying that it will help to strengthen international pressure on North Korea to force the regime to revise the plans to create ICBMs capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Us Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said at a briefing in the White house that new sanctions will not take long; in fact, the U.S. Treasury intends to announce them today. According to him, they will not be too different from the already existing ones, but will cover more areas and industries, and “will cover part of the loopholes” in the previous sanctions.

Tillerson added that Washington “remains hopeful” for a diplomatic solution to the situation with North Korea.

According to experts, such a move by the U.S. against Pyongyang is more of a symbolic value than practical, since Korea is under heavy sanctions pressure. Tillerson himself partly acknowledged this, saying that new sanctions “could be limited”.

Some experts believe that the return of the country to the list is incorrect because there is no evidence of “repeated support for acts of international terrorism”. Also in the US intelligence fear that such a move trump can trigger an inappropriate response of the regime of Kim Jong-UN and to harm the efforts of the American leader on belief China to influence the North Korean regime.

In addition to North Korea on the U.S. list of sponsors of terrorism – Iran (1984) Sudan (1993) Syria (1979). North Korea was in the list from 1988 to 2008.

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November 20, South Korean intelligence tracking the progress of the rocket-nuclear programme of the totalitarian regime of Kim Jong-UN said that before the end of the year, North Korea will complete the development of equipment that will allow Intercontinental ballistic missiles of North Korea to reach the continental United States.

Today, the United States announced the tightening of sanctions against the DPRK 21.11.2017

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