The introduction of Ukraine mirror trade sanctions against Russia in response to the ban on the transit of goods is not a “wise decision”. The Ambassador of EU in Ukraine Jan Tombinski said in an interview with Radio EU-European station, writes

The EU recognizes that the introduction of restrictions for Ukrainian trade and transit in Central Asia (mostly Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan), Russian Federation “openly violates international trade rules”.

However, said Tombinski, Ukraine the introduction of counter-sanctions is “the wrong move, because then Ukraine is also accused of violating these rules.” Such measures, according to the European official, are “not wise”.

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June 29, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended until the end of 2017 the year the effect of retaliatory sanctions against Western countries, including Ukraine. The Cabinet mirror in response to the continued action of the Ukrainian counter-sanctions for the same period.

Tombinski: Trade sanctions Kiev against Russia – is not a wise decision 25.08.2016

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