In British Manchester, the court acquitted 84-year-old dog owner in the case of alleged attack by his pet on the other person, as he acknowledged the dog was too big so he could attack someone. This writes the tabloid the Daily Mail.

The incident happened when the pensioner Frances Thorley was walking in the Park your Alaskan Malamute named Bear, and past on a bike Ostholt Andrea, who was walking her Terrier.

As argued in court, the cyclist, at that moment, the growling Bear rushed (according to the story, Thorley, Bear – bitch, not a dog – ed.) for it. Ostholt tried to protect his dog, which he allegedly bit her on the leg.

The owner of the Bears said that his dog is morbidly obese (weighs almost 50 kg) and can not run, since the run starts to choke. Your pet inherited, Thorley from another owner, the pensioner described as calm and kind dog to get along with people and other dogs.

Francis Thorley with a Bear

Also, the Thorley said that the Terrier Ostholt, on the contrary, aggressive barking at the Bear and tried to attack her.

In the end, the court acquitted the man, recognizing that the Malamute did not show aggression and could not attack anyone because of excess weight.

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Photo: Cavendish Press

Too fat to attack: in Britain, the court “acquitted” the dog 22.11.2017

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