The President of the United States Donald trump responded to the harsh words of the singer Madonna in his address, said it at a protest March of women in Washington. In comments, the trump called the Madonna is disgusting. It is reported Bi-bi-si.

“Honestly, it is disgusting. I think she is very much hurt to itself (these statements). And I think she stole the whole idea (of the March),” said trump in an interview with Fox News channel.

Obscene statements Madonna to trump, which caused a wide resonance in the American press, was announced January 21, during a performance of the singer in Washington on the women’s protest March against President attributed to sexism.

In his speech, the Madonna plain text “sent” trump with the use of obscene words, but also admitted that after his election was so evil that supposedly thought of the idea to blow up the White house.

TV channel si-EN-EN, showing the rally live, after the rude remarks of the singer temporarily interrupted the stream of her speech and apologized to the audience, explaining that I did not expect from Madonna these words. Soon the stream resumed.

Amid the scandal erupted Advisor to the President of the United States newt Grinich urged to arrest Madonna, calling her words “a manifestation of the new left fascism.” Soon his remarks commented on the singer herself.

Madonna stated that are quoted in the media part of her speech was grossly taken out of context, because the main message of the speech as a whole was, on the contrary, an appeal not to give vent to anger. She noted that does not consider himself a cruel man, and in any case does not promote violence.

According to the singer, the speech had a lot of metaphors. It is not excluded that these were and the passage about the undermining of the White house. In addition, the full version of the speech hear what the singer immediately recognized that this rash act still would not change anything.

On 20 January US President-elect Donald trump officially took office. He is known for his sexist against women statements.

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