Republican candidate for U.S. President Donald trump is trying to attract voters-African Americans, however, his appeals to them are heard on pre-election meetings, almost all the participants. This is stated in the material the Agency’s Voice of America.

August 20, at a rally in Iowa, trump made another appeal to black voters. Addressing a predominantly white audience, he blamed “the deplorable state of many of our poorest areas” on the policies of the Democrats and called Hillary Clinton a “bigot” because she “did not improve” the situation of black and Hispanic.

“When I, as a father, Builder and American, I see how someone living in such conditions, it hurts my sense of justice. They live in terrible conditions. It is impossible to believe – really, really bad,” said trump.

In the headquarters, trump said that he is going to visit the communities where African Americans live, to directly contact them for support.

Polls show that Clinton has a substantial lead over trump among black and Hispanic voters – the fastest growing segment of the American electorate that thinks this candidate is a racist. At the same time, according to sociologists, the Republican has a modest advantage among white voters. In late August, trump said that he is ready to deport thousands of illegal immigrants.

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In July-August, trump has made a lot of sharp comments on what President Barack Obama and former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton allegedly responsible for the establishment of a middle East terrorist organization Islamic state. Also a Republican several times raised the issue of Ukraine. Trump said that would be willing to consider the recognition of the occupied Russian Crimea, if he wins the election, and that the majority of people on the Peninsula allegedly wanted to join the Russian Federation. In addition, he said that the Kremlin “will not attack” on Ukraine.

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Trump is seeking support from African-Americans in meetings with white media 29.08.2016

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