The Turkish businessman, President and owner of Atlasglobal airlines, Murat Ersoy wants to build a hotel in Odessa. He said this in an interview

“In addition to expanding route network in Ukraine, we are ready to build a hotel in Odessa. But we need government guarantees,” he said.

Until the end of the year, Murat Ersoy planned to meet with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman and present him a plan for the development of business in Ukraine. For example, the company will propose to the government to develop the Odessa region approximately the same as developed at the time of Antalya. The Turkish government has allocated land to investors free of charge for 49 years, which allowed to attract investment. Atlasglobal will also be asked Grossmann to issue permits for the flights from Istanbul to Kiev and Odessa.

Atlasglobal airlines included in the ETS Group, which also owns 12 hotels of high level (seven hotels Voyage hotels-Maxx Royal Resorts hotels in Bodrum and Antalya, three hotels Elexus Hotels & Resorts & Spa), as well as tour operator ETS Tur. The annual turnover of the ETS Group over the past year – about $1 billion, airline $500 million, the Operator controls about 70% of the domestic tourism market in Turkey.

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Turkish company wants to build a hotel in Odessa 20.12.2017

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