Company Twitter has withdrawn a lawsuit against the US government, after they, in turn, withdrew the requirement to disclose details of a person or group of persons behind the account “Alternative immigration” (@ALT_USCIS). It is reported Bi-bi-si.

The account is subtitled “Immigration resistance” and positioning itself as a resource, providing information to assist legal migrants, including those who have been touched the decree of the President of Donald trump about the ban on entry into the country.

On Thursday, the representatives of Twitter said that the authorities had sent them a request for disclosure of personal data of those who engaged in this blog.

Reporters noted that the tweets of “Alternative immigration” is sometimes mentioned that the people responsible for this account are employees of management of customs and border protection Department of homeland security, US critical in connection with immigration initiatives trump.

The company refused to meet the authorities, citing freedom of speech, and filed a lawsuit against the government.

The U.S. justice Department, representing in court, all government agencies, if they have filed claims, on Friday said on Twitter that the request of officials the disclosure of identity is no longer in force.

“We will break! The past few days have been incredibly difficult and full of anxieties. Thanks again, America,” wrote in “Alternative immigration” after learning about the outcome of the case.

Twitter has withdrawn a lawsuit against the US government 08.04.2017

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