Anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas it is proposed to replace the military operation not led by the SBU, as it is now with ATO and the Operational headquarters under the overall guidance of the President and, on matters of defence, General staff. About this in Facebook wrote the member of the working group on revising the draft law on the reintegration of the occupied territories, the MP Dmitry Tymchuk.

“In the spring of 2014 it is (the format of the ATO, – ed.) was the most appropriate format, when coupled with the denial of Putin and his aggression and serious part of the international community believed the Russian roots of the conflict. Today, everyone understands that this is not an internal conflict, and aggression of the Kremlin. But now, as if someone wanted to, we can’t declare war on Russia – just can’t butt military and economic potentials directly”, – he explained.

The current de-facto war without a war de jure, and is the essence of Putin’s hybrid of aggression, he said.

“These realities we found at least a hybrid response in the form of this bill when the Ukrainian army can be used to release the Russians occupied territories without a legal state of war with Russia”, – he added.

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According to the MP, the issue of incompliance of the ATO realities of the conflict was a long time, but the last straw was the fact that Russia recognized the “documents” fighters, introduced in ORDO “ruble zone” and the “nationalized” Ukrainian enterprises.

As explained Tymchuk, the ATO is requested to replace the military operation not led by SBU, as of now, and the Operational staff, General management of which will be managed by the President, and defence – General staff.

“The President is given the right to decide the use of forces and means of the APU in operation and to involve other law enforcement agencies, but under the General supervision of the military. All current military and civil administration or the military administration in the case of the latter also “lock in” to the Operational headquarters”, – he explained.

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Tymchuk: ATO Bill – a hybrid response to hybrid warfare, the Russian Federation 19.06.2017

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