Head of Colombian insurgent grouping “Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia” (FARC) Rodrigo Londoño, better known under the alias Timoleon Jimenez and Tymoshenko meets in 2018 to run for the presidency of Colombia. About his plans he announced yesterday, November 1st, at a press conference in Bogota, says the Agency Deutsche Welle.

Tymoshenko said that he wants to “represent the interests of the peasants without land, youth with no chances of women not having the opportunity to participate in public life.”

In this case, the candidate in Vice-presidents will perform Imelda Dasa from recently created on the basis of the FARC of the party “General alternative revolutionary force” (OARS).

Two top guerrilla representative Ivan Marquez and Jesus Santrich – stated desire to lead the Senate and Congress.

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In Colombia more than half a century, the continued confrontation between at least three parties: government troops, paramilitaries (right-wing radicals) and left-wing “revolutionary” groups. Conflict is the most protracted armed confrontation in the Western hemisphere. Since 1964 in the civil war has killed more than 260 thousand people, more than 6.5 million people were forced to leave their homes.

Peace talks began in November 2012.

The FARC (Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia – people’s Army) – the leftist rebel group as terrorist, the US and the EU. Cuba and Venezuela insist that this organization is partisan. The FARC claimed that waging war with the government for construction “New Colombia, a society of social justice and social equality”.

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Tymoshenko is about to become President of Colombia 02.11.2017

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