US strategic command (STRATCOM) will refuse to execute the order of the President of the United States Donald trump about the use of nuclear weapons, if it is illegal. This was stated by the commander of the nuclear forces of the United States John Khayten at the International security forum in Halifax (Canada), reports CNN.

Khayten said that the President will have to explain why he made the decision on nuclear strike, since such a step must be exhausted all other possibilities.

“I’ll say, “Mr. President, that’s illegal.” And what will he do? He says: “And what decision is the law?” And after that, we will find various solutions using a full range of capabilities in order to respond to any situation. So it works, nothing complicated,” he said.

The General noted that due to the illegal nuclear strike can be the rest of your life to spend in prison.

“I think some people think we are stupid. But it’s not. We think a lot about it. If you understand your responsibilities, you always think about it,” he concluded.

Under U.S. law, the President has the right to order a nuclear strike at any time without the approval of Congress. Khayten notes, he decades studying the law which determines the legality of actions during the military operations and explains how to react in case of receiving illegal orders.

2 Oct a us General, former Deputy head of the General staff of the US army Jack Keane said in a short interview that trump is considering the option of a preemptive strike on the DPRK.

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U.S. General does not fulfill illegal orders trump of a nuclear attack 19.11.2017

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