The blockchain of crypto-currency network Ripple introduced nine new users who will have the opportunity to carry out transactions in the global payment network RippleNet, reports CoinDesk.

The number of new participants appear Bexs Banco de Cambio, the service processing international payments dLocal, payment services Uber and GoDaddy. Among other members of the network also the largest Bank in France, Credit Agricole, Currencies Direct, IFX, TransferGo, Cuallix, Krungsri and Rakbank.

In a statement, Ripple has sought to position the group as simply another blockchain consortium, and the way to successfully promote products to their customers.

For example, a financial services company Cuallix will be the first partner to convert cross-border transfers of funds in its own currency RRPPL. In particular, the company plans to use the token to transfer funds between the U.S. and Mexico to reduce the costs of processing, said in a release.

“Global payments is undeniable experiencing a sea change, led to financial institutions implementing the blockchain to correct failures in the payments of their clients,” – said in the report of the CEO of Ripple Delirium Arlinghaus.

New members join Ripple at a time when the company is actively pursuing partnerships at a high level with leading financial institutions around the world, conducting more aggressive in differentiating their products and services.

Recall that the Ripple is preparing for the pilot launch of cross-border payments between Japan and South Korea

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Uber and Credit Agricole moved to payments in cryptohalite Ripple 11.10.2017

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