The Ukrainian delegation to the NATO parliamentary Assembly asks to increase pressure on Russia in connection with the escalation of the conflict in the Donbass, and in particular in the plant. This was announced by the Chairman of the Ukrainian delegation to the NATO parliamentary Assembly, MP Iryna Friz in Facebook.

“I appeal to the members of the NATO parliamentary Assembly with a request to notify the national parliaments about the situation in the zone of the antiterrorist operation in the East of Ukraine, and to strengthen political and diplomatic pressure on the Kremlin to stop the dangerous escalation in the Donbas and to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in the region”, – said in the appeal to the Chairman of the NATO parliamentary Assembly and the Assembly published the Frieze.

The appeal says that since 29 January under active shelling of the Town of weapons banned by the Minsk agreements, in particular of reactive systems of volley fire Grad and small arms.

The Ukrainian delegation stressed that the shelling of residential areas is conducted with the residential sector occupied by the militants of Donetsk, and as a result of artillery strikes on the city is de-energized Avdiyivka and Yasynuvata, withdrawn from the supply system of water and heat.

“The escalation in the Donbass repeats the tactics of the Russian Federation in Aleppo, Syria, is aimed at the complete destruction of the settlements along with population and provoking a humanitarian crisis with the aim of creating waves of migration”, – the statement says.

Frieze noted that the Russian Federation continues to boldly ignore their obligations under the Minsk agreements, in order to prevent the stabilization of the situation and the achievement of any progress in the field of security and humanitarian spheres.

The Ukrainian delegation also made a demand to Russia to cease hostilities and observe a ceasefire.

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The sharp aggravation of the situation in the theatre of war from the Town took place after the inspection visit of the OSCE in this district, Donetsk region.

On the right flank of the defense forces ATO in the area of Avdeevka January 30, was the most massive attack by terrorists since the fierce fighting for the Donetsk airport.

Ukraine asks NATO PA to increase pressure on Russia 31.01.2017

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