Ukrainian Institute of national memory has suspended the legalization of the Polish memorial sites in response to the demonstrative destruction of the monument to soldiers of the UPA under the Polish Przemyslen (Przemysl). This is stated in the statement published on the website of the Institute.

“The destruction of the mass graves of UPA soldiers in Gruzovikah is the 15th on account of the desecration of places of memory of the Ukrainian people in Poland, starting in 2014. These cases remain without consideration Polish law enforcement agencies. Polish authorities did not restore the destroyed monuments”, – said in a statement.

While the Institute noted that in Ukraine over the last three years has been committed four acts of vandalism against the Polish places of memory and “every time the Ukrainian government promptly restored the memorial sites in their original form, and on the facts of vandalism has opened a criminal case”.

The Department stressed that over the past two years worked to develop mechanisms for the legalization of Polish monuments and memorials established in Ukraine without any coordination with Central or local authorities in the period since 1991. Currently, illegal stay of at least 105 Polish memorial sites in Ukraine.

“The lack of adequate reaction of the Polish authorities on the systemic destruction of the Ukrainian places of memory in Poland compels us to suspend the process of legalization of the Polish memorial sites in the territory of Ukraine”, – said in a statement.

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Also, the Institute initiates the suspension of permits to carry out works on search of the graves and the beautification of the Polish places of memory. In addition, the Institute is reaching out to local authorities asking them not to consider any appeals of the Polish side regarding the permissions for installation of new or restoration of existing Polish sites.

“The Institute is ready to resume cooperation with Polish partners immediately after an open and transparent investigation of all the facts of destruction of the Ukrainian places of memory that took place during 2014-2017, the prosecution of perpetrators and restoration and legalization of Ukrainian monuments destroyed due to the Polish side,” – concluded the Agency.

April 26, 2017, the representatives of the Polish nationalist organizations with the connivance of local authorities dismantled the cemetery of the village near przemyśl Rusovici a funerary monument to soldiers of the UPA.

The foreign Ministry called scandalous campaign “blatant provocation in the eve of celebration of 70th anniversary of the criminal action Vistula”.

Ukraine has suspended the legalization of Polish monuments 27.04.2017

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