The Ministry of education is ready to send the resonance of the new law on education for examination to the Council of Europe, however, insists that the main language of education in the country should be Ukrainian. This was at the briefing after the meeting with ambassadors and representatives of 11 countries of the European Union, the OSCE and the Council of Europe the Minister of education Lilia Hrynevych, the correspondent

“We can see that the most difficult negotiations with Hungary and Romania… Maybe this is my subjective opinion, but it seems to me that forcing this issue is associated with a certain political struggle that is happening in the political arenas in these countries. We want to assure you, and I told the ambassadors that for us children in the schools of national minorities are the same Ukrainian citizens, who are enrolled in Ukrainian schools. And from our side the most important one: we cannot allow because of schooling for national minorities, they have narrowed the access to the subsequent levels of education”, – said the Minister.

According to her, it is unacceptable that in the territories of compact residence of national minorities in children “was only two ways” – or to stay in secondary education because they do not know the Ukrainian language and not be able to enter higher education, or to leave Ukraine and go to universities in countries whose language they know.

In addition, without knowledge of the Ukrainian language, the children have no opportunity to work in the civil service or in the organs of the higher authorities, said Grinevich.

The Minister expects that the examination of the Council of Europe, which can be quite long, will not affect the signing of the enacted law by President Petro Poroshenko and to develop regulations for its implementation.

She also added that the Ministry is ready to hold consultations with the representatives of other countries for the joint development of the law implementing the decisions of the Cabinet and projects of the Verkhovna Rada. In particular, the Ministry of education is ready to discuss the conditions of the transition period and the number of subjects in the school of national minorities, which children will study in their native language.

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5 September 2017 the Parliament approved the reform of education. Under the new law, which is not yet signed by the President, the representatives of national minorities can receive education in their native language along with the state in preschool and elementary school, representatives of indigenous peoples in pre – school institutions and secondary schools. The next stages of learning provides the opportunity to study the language of the indigenous people or minorities as a separate subject.

Concerns about provisions of the law on education in minority languages was first expressed by Romania, followed by Hungary. To abandon the innovations of Ukraine urged the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, is known for his Pro-Russian rhetoric.

In the Ministry of education, meanwhile, claim that this provision complies with the Constitution and the European Charter for regional or minority languages.

Ukraine is ready to pass the education act for examination EU 15.09.2017

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