The world champion in heavy weight under version WBO Oleksandr Usyk won an early victory over Thabiso Mchunu. Usik defended his title of world champion under version WBO knockout in the ninth round.

For Cirrus this was the first title defense of world champion WBO in the first heavy weight, and the first fight in the United States.

In the ring vstretilis two left-handed boxer, to the same small stature and speed Mchunu did not allow the champion to his normal style of combat. But with each round, the Mustache was added to the punches and combinations.

Usyk dominated the entire fight, but Mchunu dangerously counterattacked, throwing the jabs.

Three times African has been knocked down. First knockdown was recorded in the sixth round and then twice in the ninth. After the Tendril for the third time sent Mchunu on the canvas, the referee stopped the fight.

This is the tenth early victory Mustache on a Pro-ring.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated Alexander Usik with successful victory.

Vitayu Oleksandr Usik W uspscom debut in the United States TA Zahist camponeschi title.

Z Peremoga, kozache!

– Petro Poroshenko (@Poroshenko) 18 grudnia 2016 R.

Cirrus also congratulated Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.


Ukrainian boxer Usyk knocked out of the African Mchunu: video 18.12.2016

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