Members of the Armed Forces were allowed to wear a mustache and beard. This is stated in the Appendix to the order of Ministry of defense No. 606 of 20 November.

“All categories of military personnel in combat and combat training missions allowed the wearing of beards and mustaches, provided that they meet the requirements of hygiene and not to interfere with the use of PPE and carrying equipment,” the document says.

The defense Ministry said that the Ukrainian military will be completely new symbolism, new insignias, new berets, their colour and purpose, new patches, new insignia military ranks.

New regulations for wearing military uniforms were developed more than a year.

On 20 November, defense Minister Stepan Poltorak signed the order No. 606, which changed the order of 1995. Soon it will pass the state registration in the Ministry of justice, followed by the official promulgation of the new rules.

21 November 2017 for the first time Ukraine celebrated the Day paratrooper: earlier, from Soviet times, this holiday was usually celebrated on 2 August. From now on, Ukrainian Marines will not wear blue berets, and dark maroon. Also changed the symbolism of the Marines: the berets depicts the dome of a parachute, flaming sword and wings of the Archangel Michael.

Ukrainian military allowed to wear a mustache and beard 23.11.2017

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