President Petro Poroshenko said that the current Ukrainians distrust the state institutions and politicians into “in deep disappointment, apathy and depression.” He stated this on Thursday, September 7, speaking with a message to the Verkhovna Rada.

Poroshenko noted that the Ukrainian society is dissatisfied with life and power.

“In conditions of external aggression and economic crisis, bitter losses and considerable material damages the sense of justice is now acute as never before. People like bare nerve react to the slightest not true,” he said.

The President reminded that three years ago due to the beginning of the war in the Donbass fell sharply the standard of living, but the Ukrainians faithfully perform their part of the social contract, to withstand these difficulties. “You can not say about the top, which, according to popular belief, on the altar of common victory put too little and did not provide visible changes,” he added.

“Distrust of government institutions, new and old, politicians in power and opposition – grows into deep disappointment, apathy and depression,” – said Poroshenko.

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According to him, in order to eliminate this danger, the government should act immediately and to “give a second wind” the fight against corruption, economic transformation and to remove the slightest suspicion of the rollback of reforms and the onset of the counterrevolution.

In may 2017 the sociological group Rating the results of their research made a rating of trust of Ukrainians to the politicians.

Ukrainians are disappointed with government and politicians – Poroshenko 07.09.2017

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