The Ukrainians began to get fewer failures in obtaining visitor visas (B visas) for travel in the United States. In comparison with last year the number of failures dropped by 6%. This is evidenced by statistics, U.S. Department of State for fiscal year 2017.

According to statistics, the number of refusals to Ukrainians is 34,54%, slightly less than last year. For 2016, the proportion of refusals was 40,83%.

The greatest number of failures in the us guest visa in the United States are residents of the federated States of Micronesia and the Western Sahara (the number of refusals – 100%), the Republic of Palau (83,33%), Cuba (77,17%), Burundi (75,55%), Burkina Faso (75,74%), Somalia (75,5%), Afghanistan (72,14%), Eritrea (71,69%), Haiti (71,44%), Gambia (70,27%).

Citizens of San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra and Monaco did not deny at all in the production of B-visas (0%). The proportion of refusals to citizens of the aggressor country, the Russian Federation in non-immigrant visas in the U.S. is 11,61%.

It should be noted that canadian citizens, which is very close to the US, denied 41,14% of cases.

November 6 at the American Embassy in Ankara announced that the US partially resumed issuing visas to Turkish citizens.

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Ukrainians were less likely to refuse a guest of the American visas 18.11.2017

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