Ukrnafta announces sharp increase of tariffs for gas transportation. This is stated in the press service of the company.

“At the request of the National Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities (NKREKU), from the beginning of April the company was forced twice to pay for the transportation of gas produced – according to the tariffs applicable from 1 January 2017, and the new tariffs, according to Resolution No. 348, which was left in force for the gas companies. As a result of these actions of the regulator, the monthly fee for transporting its gas to Ukrnafta will be about 76 million. instead of 44 million UAH”, – stated in the message.

The company reminded that on April 1 the national Commission issued order No. 348, according to which all players of the gas market was introduced payment at the approved rates subject to the booked capacity (296,8 UAH./1.0 thousand m3 per day excluding VAT for PJSC Ukrnafta). Later, on April 10, the controller returned the old tariffs, abolishing the last judgment for everyone except the gas companies. Thus the Commission ordered the producers to pay for the transportation of gas twice – on the previously existing tariffs and new noted in Ukrnafta.

“Such actions of the national Commission cannot be considered as reasonable, particularly in view of the expressed desire to increase Ukrainian gas production. In fact it’s all exactly the opposite – importing companies to transport gas more profitable, because they pay only one rates, while national energy companies are being forced to pay twice. The result neposledovatelen regulator decisions Ukrnafta will have to pay an additional UAH 289 million in 2017, representing more than half of all of the company’s investments in manufacturing last year,” said the Vice-President on processing and trade Ukrnafta Felix Lunev.

Recall, 50%+1 share of Ukrnafta belongs to the state represented by Naftogaz of Ukraine, according to 13.6% of companies Littop Enterprises Limited and Bridgemont Ventures Limited, and 12.9% – Bordo Management Limited. Of 9.9% of company’s shares belong to other shareholders. The interests of minority shareholders is Igor Kolomoisky.

Ukrnafta announced a sharp price increase for gas transportation 28.04.2017

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