Ukrnafta in the first half of 2017 paid to minority shareholders debt on dividends payment for 2011-2014 the total amount 2,305 billion. This is evidenced by data from the report of Naftogaz of Ukraine, writes enkorr.

According to Naftogaz, if on December 31, 2016 liabilities Ukrnafta on payment of dividends was $ 2,781 billion, as at 30 September 2017 dropped to 476 million (the same amount of debt as specified and at 30 June 2017). Paid in the 1st half of the sum 2,305 billion covers the debt to 45.5% of shares in Ukrnafta.

Three Cypriot companies – Littop Enterprises Limited, Bridgemont Ventures Limited and Bordo Management Limited – accounted for 40.1% of the shares in Ukrnafta. A total of Ukrnafta at the beginning of the year had three 2,031 companies billion of dividends for the years 2011-2014. According to various estimates, the Private group through a different legal entity owns a 42% stake in Ukrnafta (2,127 billion of dividends for the years 2011-2014).

As the newspaper notes, the decision to pay 3.8 billion of dividends for 2011-2013 and UAH 1.3 bn for 2014 was adopted on 10 October 2014 and 22 July 2015, respectively. Its share, which is about 2.4 billion UAH, the state received in October and December 2015 (excluding received in 2012, 120 million) after the scandal and change management of Ukrnafta. To minority shareholders payments it was agreed not to hold.

Individuals, banks Unicredit and the investment company Dragon Capital, sought payment of dividends through the courts. A significant part of lawsuits is still pending. As a result, in 2016, according to Ukrnafta, was paid to shareholders total 23.3 million UAH.

Court proceedings on the claims of the Cypriot companies of the Privat group was not. Consequently, there is reason to believe that the dividend payment was voluntary, says the publication.

According to GFS, only for 2017 the increase in the debt of Ukrnafta in the non-self-declared monetary obligations amounted to 1.3 billion UAH and on October 30 the total amount was 13.9 billion. Ukrnafta, in turn, denies this and claims that all current taxes are paid in full.

Naftogaz of Ukraine owns 50%+1 share of Ukrnafta. Companies within the sphere of influence of the group Privat Igor Kolomoisky, own approximately 42% (13.6% of companies Littop Enterprises Limited and Bridgemont Ventures Limited, 12.9 per cent Bordo Management Limited, 9,9% – to other shareholders). Since 2003, operational control of Ukrnafta by a group of Privat.

Ukrnafta paid Privat UAH 2.3 bn of dividends – media 21.12.2017

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